Deed of Settlement – Te Hiringa Taketake 

With the initialling of the Deed of Settlement in August 2020, the members of Ngāti Maru had their opportunity to vote on whether to accept the proposed Deed of Settlement.

Ngāti Maru Deed of Settlement – Te Hiringa Taketake

Crown Recognition of Mandate

Crown Recognition of Mandate

Letter from Hon Chris Finlayson, Minister of Treaty of Waitangi
and Hon Te Ururoa Flavell, Te Minita Whanaketanga Māori

Terms of Negotiations

Signed in July 2016, this document sets the ground
rules for the negotiation.

Terms of Negotiation

Agreement in Principle

Agreement in Principle to Settle Historical Claims

Between Ngāti Maru and The Crown

Deed Recording On-Account Arrangements

In Relation to Ngāti Maru Historical Claims.

Deed Recording On-Account Arrangements