Maru Muri

Understanding and learning from our history and our experience

Ko te aro ki ngā kōrero taketake o Ngāti Maru. He whakatau i ngā mahi o nehe kia marire te noho

To recognise our unique history.

To seek reconciliation for the historical actions by the Crown against Ngāti Maru.

To record the unique history of our Ngāti Maru relationship with the Crown.

To set the parameters for the ongoing relationship between Ngāti Maru and the Crown.

During the claims process we have carried out research and documented aspects of historical significance to Ngāti Maru.

  • The Ngāti Maru story is told through our whakapapa and connections to our hapū. Much research has unveiled the ancient origins of Ngāti Maru.

  • Our Special Factors paper, Maru Hāhā described the negative impact that Crown policy and procedure has had on Ngāti Maru. The loss of land, the dislocation of our people from their homes, the cost that these actions have had on Ngāti Maru as an iwi.

  • As a result of other iwi claims to Te Wera Forest, a number of documents have been written describing Ngāti Maru’s connection to Te Wera Forest and the surrounding area.

  • Our Gap Filling research has described the breadth of Ngāti Maru’s presence and activities on the landscape.

  • The Historical Account is written co-jointly by Ngāti Maru and the Crown. It tells the story of the relationship between both parties over the past 200 years.

  • A Digital History Library that all Ngāti Maru will have access to is being developed to record and preserve the unique stories of Ngāti Maru iwi.

Results of Ratification Voting Process

We are proud to share with you the results of the Ngāti Maru Deed of Settlement – Te Hiringa Taketake vote.

Ninety-two percent (92%) of our voting members supported the Treaty of Waitangi settlement package, as well as the Deed of Settlement to be signed by our Trustees and Negotiators on behalf of Ngāti Maru.



Strengthening Maru’s
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Understanding and learning from our history


Strengthening Maru within


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Connection to place


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